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Hi ale,
Here are a couple of other resources for scripts that will show you some of the syntax for importing and other tasks:
- https://www.geosoft.com/media/uploads/resources/technical-notes/Creatingscriptsinoasismontaj6.4.pdf
- http://blogs.geosoft.com/exploringwithdata/2009/11/scripting-in-oasis-montaj.html
- http://updates.geosoft.com/downloads/files/how-to-guides/Oasis_montaj_Scripts.pdf

If you would like some help scripting, you can also post your question in the My Geosoft forum, Geonet (https://my.geosoft.com/forum#/categories/geonet)

Hi, and just for my interest as newby how the scripts should looks like? I have record a script to import one file from the directory, but the syntax *.csv for read all file seems like not working. Also i can't find the resources for the scripts.
Thanks, kind regards

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