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There are a number of Help topics that cover how to create and run a math expression in a database. This one is a good place to start: https://my.seequent.com/support/help/oasismontaj-workflow-content_ss_edit_preprocess_data_apply_mathematical_expressions_c_math_expression_builder.htm. There is also a video that shows this in action: https://my.seequent.com/support/video/378

How to runs a database with math expression of depth calculate?
Thank you

The steps for tilt derivative script are outlined in the the technical note "Tilt Derivative Made Easy" (https://www.geosoft.com/media/uploads/resources/tilt_derivative_made_easy_07-2016.pdf). For more on scripting, check out "Scripting in Oasis montaj" (https://my.geosoft.com/supportcentre#/video/1157)

Hi can you please send me the tilt derivate script for calculating depth to source edges

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